The Depth of Love


How deep my love for you says the Lord

I will love you to the deepest part of the ocean

I love you as far as from the east to the west

There is no condemnation here


How far my love will go to be with you

I have waited for you to recognize my love encompasses all

I never have let you go

I’ve stood by patiently waiting for you to see the depth of my love, even when letting go of your hand


How great is my heart of love for you

rest assured – I have never left

Don’t fight my love

Just be


How deep my love for you says the Lord

to the depths to the heights

as far as from the east to the west

to every corner you will find my love

you can never run away from that love

yet if you do – I will still meet you there


The Lord is with us when we swim the streams

when we tread water

when we splash and fight the current

When we start to sink


He will never let us go

Just hear him when he says –

love is truly an ocean wide

My take on this lovely song that resonates so loudly with me is that , no matter how far we run, no matter how much we fight his love – he never gives up on us.

We give up on ourselves – but he patiently waits for us to see that he never does. He makes a way even when we feel there is no way.

He has taught me to get quiet – to wait – to watch – to move when he prompts me but more than anything else he has taught me…

…that the capacity to love is an amazing gift that not only does he give to us but gives to us to share with others.

Love is an ocean wide. Love is patient and love is kind – love is enduring…love will never turn its back or walk away.

…even if there is a rift or distance, even if life causes us to drift away..Love is true…and it will always be.

Click the link below to watch the video…

Ocean Wide – The Afters




5 thoughts on “The Depth of Love

    1. secretangel…thank you for going back to read this….The song is one very dear to my heart and it has taken a new meaning on…as I see so much more clearer after the down times….it has been years in the making….When I wrote this…I just sat down and let it flow as I have been doing again…and I am truly amazed sometimes what appears on the paper….I know they are messages to my heart….and I pray the words speak some value to others…..I’m so thankful for your time spent reading and sharing here… 🙂

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