The Loss In Not Starting

Starting over.

Where to go from here.

Taking that leap of faith.

Seems almost more than we can bear.


Once lost.

Now found.

Once hopeless.

Now hope filled, as we look around.


What was it that caused us to stumble?

What was it that caused us to quit?

What was it that made us forget?


Starting over somehow.

Starting over with a promise and a vow.

We will forgive the past and see the growth.

We will focus on today and give our best, our most.


Harmony seems to go with peace.

Peace is the healing over the wound.

We won’t forget.

We will treasure what we learned.


Starting over, remembering, loving.

Forgiving, standing ready to fly.

There is risk in going again.

Yet, there is loss if we do not try.


What was it that caused us to stumble?

What was it that caused us to quit?

What was it that made us forget?


We can start again and over somehow.

We know we were never meant to quit.

We believe now we can start again,

But we will strive to remember and we will never forget.

…..sometimes miracles actually happen – when you dive in…..or jump…just make a splash and go for it….(“sometimes miracles happen when you… jump in” – inspired by Pastor JP). Confirmation to my heart as Pastor spoke tonight…….Amazing how God works through others…..




15 thoughts on “The Loss In Not Starting

    1. Oh wow…I just realized you had read this….I am so happy you liked this…I sat in peace and quiet and just let the words come to my mind…and wrote them…until they took shape….I’m always amazed when I have a chance to do this….Thank you…as always..and God bless you secretangel! 🙂

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      1. God is so amazing!! I know how you feel. The words just seem to flow as He gives them. Remember, Psalm 45:1, “My Tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” God gave me that scripture when I was writing my book.

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      1. Hey suthrn! The song certainly had very inspirational lyrics! Thank you for sharing that. ☺ Will you have both the music café blog and your original blog, or will you focus more on one of them? Have a nice day ☺/Survived

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      2. Thanks survivednarc. I plan for now to do both. Pressing On is my journey through abuse and cancer and beyond. Music Cafe may become the focus ..not sure yet….both blogs are revelations, confirmations and affirmations and what is revealed to me and learned…in life, music has always just speaks loudly to me. My next project plans are to compile my writing into a book from this blog and others and when writing for an online group years ago.

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      3. Ok, sounds cool. : To have different outlets for your different interests.. 🙂 I thought about that too… since my blog swells out now, from narcissism to… well, a lot of everything.. but I think I woul dbe too divided, and I have a stressful job so I could probably only keep up with one blog anyways 🙂 I am glad you find joy in music, it can really hold a healing power. And I wish you all the best compiling posts into a book.. perhaps I will do something similar one day. Hugs 🙂

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