Every Storm runs out of … …..rain

To All Who are In the Midst of the Storm

Thinking of so many who are in storms in life

whether it be snow or other trying times, my thoughts and prayers

go out to you tonight.


Not sure why I felt so strongly to write this tonight

but I do not believe we should miss any opportunity to share our hearts

just in case we never have the chance again…


so to you who are sitting in your house alone

to those who are huddled in your apartment trying to stay warm while the snow blows

just know as was shared with me when I was very down and out….every storm runs out of …



There will be bright skies again

and from one who has been in the dark…

when God’s mercy and others grace arrived to my heart and my life

is when I realized how much we have to live for….and love being at the center of it all….


so….stay warm

stay safe…and hold on….

blue skies are on the way….


God loves you….



                                             do I!



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