How To Receive More

What does it mean to live? Do you live or do you just exist? Watch this video from Rick Warren where he shares the something more…..

Start Here to Find More

.now watch the Nick Vujicic video and listen to the lyrics to Something More. Very inspirational.

I came in contact with something more in 2010. The something more was the light I saw in someone who represented hope. I experienced more in 2012 when another light appeared in the distance in the form of a person. There were many persons…

Before that as I share often….I was in abusive relationship, a narcissistic relationship that I would eventually learn was what it was actually.. and I knew in my heart there was something more.

I had experienced something more when I went through Breast Cancer in 2007 and was able to work from home and dig into many hours upon hours of spiritual/scriptural feeding. I was so hungry. I needed more. I needed to learn what I had been missing of the knowledge of Christ. It was everywhere I turned on the TV, I found inspiration with Joyce Meyer, a breast cancer survivor. She started teaching me about the Battlefield of the Mind. I wanted more. I dug in. I spoke with my Mom each night by phone and we talked and read to each other scripture.

There was a local TV personality that was also battling breast cancer. She would go to work and openly share her journey right there on TV. I thought there has to be more. There has to be a reason that I am seeing so much about this. I believe this was not a coincidence. God placed before my eyes – hope in the body of both of these women. I wanted more. I knew there was more. I dug into every moment of my waking experience scripture. I read. I wrote scripture on 3×5 cards. I would feed and be filled only to be hungry for more. I would work, read, work, read and write….all hours.

2013 – more….blessings…the enemy pressed me, still I pressed on with God. I knew there was more. A new light appeared..many lights in the distance in the form of people. I sense more.

2014 – fear, lack or a spirit of….and many blessings that I see now…and sense there was so much more….

2015 – doubt, more fear, confusion, sadness, lonliness, withdrawal…new opportunties, blessing, wear and tear on my heartstrings….worship and prayer, a sense of protection on my life …as I’ve felt for years….there has been so much more, the enemy continued to press me and try to cause me to quit…somehow…God gave me more…willingness to push forward…excitement…more hope…a new church home…great teachers…MORE LIGHT – nearby…and in the distance….then ….

I pulled in my circle tighter….and my hunger for more grew…my hunger to know my God more…my renewed purpose that I have to do more….while there is still life and breath in me….I have to know more so that I can more….and more love for my Savior than ever before…more love in my heart and a willingness to turn the page than ever before..because I know even if I have to tighten my circle it is for my own good…The enemy wants me to doubt…and when he tries is when I know there is MORE!

Where I’m going with this….?

Life …..

I’m still here….I’m still walking and struggling as do many people. I struggle with the battlefield of the mind. I have made so many changes, or rather God has helped me to make changes. I make them nearly every day, even closing my boundaries to a very small circle or sphere. I am very protective of my life now and of whom I let in. Not that I’m closed off from loving people, but there has to be more….and for me to be more…I have to treasure what He has bestowed on me. I want more. I need more…I’m hungry. I see blessings all around….I have up and down moments…I cry out to God …I feel weak. I feel strong and yet – I know that I am neither. I am either looking at life incorrectly…the enemy trying to get me to doubt my value….or I am strong in His strength because I am feeding and listening and following.

I want more hours in the day. I need more time to feed on His word. I can’t absorb it fast enough or complete enough. I’m hungry to know my Father more. There has to be something more…and I’m determined to find it…to continually seek it and Him. Jesus is more.

I urge you…to consider this….and this is not preaching….from one who battles depression and I am not ashamed to say it….please know that God has more for you and I. We are loved. When there are moments that we think we can bear no more…he gives us a little more. Peace, sleep, we get to the end of the day and realize we made it. We wake to a new day..He gave us more.

This life is tough, and I have cried out to him and said “God – whatever this is…pain and all – fear and all – I will count it all joy because there has to be something More that the enemy doesn’t want me to reach and he is fighting me at every turn. So I ask you God to bless the enemy and I will count it all joy, because when he presses me, it causes me after some time to PRESS IN and ON. I PRAY that I can continue to PRESS FORWARD. I know THERE IS SOMETHING MORE and his name is CHRIST!”

Please don’t live this life not checking out who He (JESUS CHRIST) is. Please just take a few minutes to think about all you hear and see in these videos. I promise you with Christ by your side and his angels charge over you…and so many other blessings he provides, when you declare Jesus is your Lord…you will recognize your hunger to know MORE. You will want MORE. YOU WILL THIRST FOR MORE! And YOU will be filled….


Do you seek More? There IS something MORE! Call out His name today. If you would like a list of scriptures – ask me and I will send you a list of a few that really help me to know there is something more. Yet, please start with this one….

Psalm 23. Read it….be filled…there is so much MORE!


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