So Good

Amazing things in life sometimes happen right before our eyes, but all of a sudden WE see! God’s love is transforming!

From Suthrngirlsings51/Music Cafe see below:

Like a flower opening for the first time is my heart opening.

Like a drawing which at first is just pencil marks on paper, does it transform before your eyes.

Like  a house being painted and one small section completed leaves the house looking unfinished…. until it is finished…..

That is God’s power – petals opening into a beautiful flower or a butterfly emerging, transforming, complete and finished, coming to life right before your eyes….That is a life and a heart transformed, renewed and remade….

It doesn’t appear all at once – it is little by little that God chips away at his sculpture – YOU and I, until WE are carved into a new image – one that see’s God in a new light with a new pair of eyes.

That is when it is like we are seeing for the first time, like I am seeing for the first time…and it is good – so good….God is so good!


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