The V Chapter-Signs In The Sand

Do you ever wish that you told someone that you thought they were special…more special than SPECIAL K? Well …I wrote this tonight for you and for me to share with that special light that we failed to recognize for whatever reason, who has moved on to a new arena to shine…..

It’s okay to send them a note – or not….just read it out loud as if God could carry your words to their ears….Hey people come and go and people are special. You are special….yet, don’t forget to tell those you care about and think are shining examples of God’s light… that you believe in them “while you still have them around”…then there will be less we fail to share with….For those we failed to share with….God please whisper to their hearts that you love them and so do we!

Dear Light:

Here’s the thing…..I care about you….I have for a very long time. Did you know how valuable I believe you are? Because you were the light that saved my life! You are…..and God put you there….

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you….I failed you. I tried before – but I didn’t make it clear – so here let me make it clear…I do!

I believe you are someone very special and I would have loved to know more and would have sat at your feet…just immersed in anything you had to offer…..I was inspired.

You are good. Do you know that? You are kind. You are compassionate. You are funny…you are even a bit infuriating….but hey…I’m far from perfect. You made me laugh. You still bring a warm smile. I cried for a time. I was mad at you. Then I was mad at me. I failed you and myself.

Then I realized ..who am I?

God has the plan. He brought you here once…so who knows? Right?

I just keep remembering the good stuff….I just keep wishing you knew I thought you were valuable and still do….

I won’t forget that you made me feel special for a time and you gave me a new opportunity…you helped me to grow…I haven’t forgotten you….I never will. I’m sorry life got in the way….but I know you’re still shining….and When I see you again….”if” I will see you again and “if” I don’t see you again….

God has a plan….. 🙂


The Sea Whisperer


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