To The Sweetest of Loves

With tomorrow there brings things of love.

All the flowers and cute cuddly stuffed little things,

Candy and flowers and all the diamond rings.

I’m not jaded. No, I’m finally content.

My heart went pitter pat, lost then found.

I have a love, he will never leave, His love will never run dry or be spent.

He is the one that makes things new.

He turns the gray skies into blue.

He gives me flowers and jewels every day.

He never misses an opportunity to show me in every way.

I can’t remember ever feeling this loved.

I can’t believe I missed the signs for so long.

I felt so weak and in that weakness he made me strong.

When others left he showed me I would always to Him belong.

I will not regret the time I missed with him.

I will not meander through times come and gone.

I will choose today to embrace this new love found.

He is the sweetest of loves and it will never go wrong.

I wish you love and I wish you the same as mine.

I wish you the love of Jesus – he is the ultimate Valentine!


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