Stepping Into The Sunlight

Having a new strength and a new vision was not without a loss, yet it was necessary for this change to take place.

You see, life will always call on you to change – you can not stay in one place.

Yes, like myself you can try to hold on but like water that slips through your fingers so must you adapt.

We don’t always like to change. Sometimes we become so comfortable in our pain that change appears raw and wild and quite frightening.

Looking back at the nitemare that was my life – I was afraid of living, afraid of dying, afraid of going, afraid of staying, afraid of growing, afraid to the point of breathing but I know now the enemy held me down.

So God took me in his arms and he shaded me as if under a big oak tree, until I was able to squint into the sun and take a peek. It is then when I realized that no matter whether I step into the sunlight or stay close under his shade – that I was still within his grasp and that brought immense comfort and peace.

So when you feel you have a new vision and a new strength…remember there is a loss – the loss of the status quo – but if you stay and miss the opportunity…it is life lost as well. You life..your chance.

Love understands

Love waits

Love chooses to stand by no matter where life may take you…

                            ..and will be there if you should choose to return…


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