Living the Dream

What do those words mean to you? Is living the dream – a great job, a husband and/or a wife with children and a beautiful house – going on vacations, having the top cars to drive and lots of money?

Or consider someone who has walked as homeless, who has shelter, who has food, who has clothes, who struggles and is looked down upon, yet little by little the Lord is restoring their life?

When this person First wakes in the morning with breath in their lungs, they are happy And they are content with what they have? They don’t dream of expensive cars or walking the red carpet or having a star on the walk of fame. They are happy with a small apartment where they have a bed to lay down at night, not an expensive bed with the the best threads to cover them. They have a coffee pot, a single cup. They have a plate, a knife, a spoon, a hand towel and place to take a bath. They have a small job and they have someone who provides rides to and from work. They don’t have the most renowned job, but it is important to them and they help people, yet maybe that is not even realized in the scheme of things. They go home to their one room apartment, sit with their book and cup of soup and occasionally with popcorn, yes a treat. They have a bed to lie their head down again that evening. Food is always provided. They see family ever so often or not.

Do you know why this second person feels they are living the dream?

The one book in their one room apartment – is the Bible. The Truth of life and death and the in between is in this book. It brings peace and strength, and hope each and every moment it is read. They can see where they have been to where they are. They are cared for and never lack a good thing. Now that may not seem much to many, but in the end, what will you take with you to heaven? Will you go to heaven?

Can you take your job, your house, your expensive car or even your money? No, you can not even take you coffee pot, single cup. But reading and spending time with God and giving your heart over to Jesus is living the dream – the Living Hope. The Living Strength – with the mercy and bits of grace he provides each day, enough for living.

So, will you reap all that you can here – to not live the dream in heaven later? Living as the world lives? Or, will you consider your heavenly future and store up your treasures above or will you consider the alternative of no future at all filled with pain and suffering? If you don’t believe me – the truth is in the Book, the bible. Jesus was real. He provided a way for you to live the dream with joy here…and later in heaven with harvest and rewards you can not even fathom.


Psalm 126 :4-6

Restore our captivity, O Lord,
As the [b]streams in the [c]South.
Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting.
He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying his bag of seed,
Shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.

Notes from The New Living Translation of Psalm 5-6:

God’s ability to restore life is beyond our understanding. Forest burn down and are able to grow back. Broken bones heal. Even grief is not a permanent condition. Our tears can be seeds that will grow into a harvest of joy because God is able to bring good out of tragedy. When burdened by sorrow, know that your times of grief will end and that you will again find joy. We must be patient as we wait. God’s great harvest of joy is coming!


17 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. Hello again, friend! I just wanted to acknowledge that I really like our friendly exchanges of thoughts, and your blog, so I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. If you want to read about rules, and all other stuff about it, you can read my latest blog post, here:

    I hope you want to participate, if you have the time and oportunity (it is basically just writing a blog posts and choosing some nominees of your own).
    Take care! 🙂 /SurvivedNarc

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      1. Again…I didn’t mean for the other response/on the other blog article to be so point is as you have done for me and as it appears by sharing your story..helped others…that ‘the enemy’ within people (some ..not all) is very real, however….if I am to do one thing…is to point these same people to the One Great Defender…..Electronically (IP address) – social media, phone, email, and if you looked up that term I mentioned.there is so much more..that ‘can’ but doesn’t necessarily take place…this was something new I’ve experienced …but I promise you…it is real….I’m praying my way through it…You are wise to leave names out of it…Thank you for considering what I am saying…sharing our stories is empowering…breaks my heart that people are out there trying to make others stress..but all I can do is press forward. 🙂

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  2. I do not care much about money… I would like to know a lasting and healthy love, in this lifetime, and to get the chance to have children, a family (with someone I love). AS for the afterlife… I am not completely certain yet… about the details. But I feel quite certain there must be something more than just “black” death.. (I do not believe that we die and then it’s all “black” before our eyes, so that we are sleeping and never waking up)… Hugs 🙂

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    1. I’m with you….on the need for not a lot of material things….I was discussing with a friend just last night – I have had much in this life..that was given to me. I have had much even in a past relationship….and I am still blessed, but I have also been on the other side of it..with everything I owed in the back of a car hiding from the narc ex husband. I had people look at me like I had two heads when I asked if they had jumper cables and yet I was even blessed during that time with a domestic shelter in the city and even an officer or two that took the time to help me get there…my point is this…I have seen blessings in both times…I am not famous, do not have lots of money…I am thankful for breath in my lungs each day after breast cancer…and I am very thankful that I do know there is a God who loves us unconditionally..and who is our defender….once I really honed in on that…and read and studied…who God is…I have immense peace that I would wish for everyone….but that doesn’t mean there is still not pain and hardship….or even fear/that is in this very troubling world today…just now I know the fear is from the ‘enemy’.

      Psalm 18 is something that brings me great peace..when we realize there is a creator ….who does battle for us….

      “How I love you, Lord! You are my defender. 2 The Lord is my protector; he is my strong fortress. My God is my protection, and with him I am safe. He protects me like a shield; he defends me and keeps me safe. 3 I call to the Lord, and he saves me from my enemies. Praise the Lord! 4 The danger of death was all around me; the waves of destruction rolled over me. 5 The danger of death was around me, and the grave set its trap for me. 6 In my trouble I called to the Lord; I called to my God for help. In his temple he heard my voice; he listened to my cry for help. 7 Then the earth trembled and shook; the foundations of the mountains rocked and quivered, because God was angry. 8 Smoke poured out of his nostrils, a consuming flame and burning coals from his mouth. 9 He tore the sky open and came down with a dark cloud under his feet. 10 He flew swiftly on his winged creature; he traveled on the wings of the wind. 11 He covered himself with darkness; thick clouds, full of water, surrounded him. 12 Hailstones and flashes of fire came from the lightning before him and broke through the dark clouds. 13 Then the Lord thundered from the sky; and the voice of the Most High was heard. 14 He shot his arrows and scattered his enemies; with flashes of lightning he sent them running. 15 The floor of the ocean was laid bare, and the foundations of the earth were uncovered, when you rebuked your enemies, Lord, and roared at them in anger. 16 The Lord reached down from above and took hold of me; he pulled me out of the deep waters. 17 He rescued me from my powerful enemies and from all those who hate me – they were too strong for me. 18 When I was in trouble, they attacked me, but the Lord protected me. 19 He helped me out of danger; he saved me because he was pleased with me. 20 The Lord rewards me because I do what is right; he blesses me because I am innocent. 21 I have obeyed the law of the Lord; I have not turned away from my God. 22 I have observed all his laws; I have not disobeyed his commands. 23 He knows that I am faultless, that I have kept myself from doing wrong. 24 And so he rewards me because I do what is right, because he knows that I am innocent. 25 O Lord, you are faithful to those who are faithful to you; completely good to those who are perfect. 26 You are pure to those who are pure, but hostile to those who are wicked. 27 You save those who are humble, but you humble those who are proud. 28 O Lord, you give me light; you dispel my darkness. 29 You give me strength to attack my enemies and power to overcome their defenses. 30 This God – how perfect are his deeds! How dependable his words! He is like a shield for all who seek his protection. 31 The Lord alone is God; God alone is our defense. 32 He is the God who makes me strong, who makes my pathway safe”

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  3. …..Sorry it was so long….but I thought it was so relevant to what so many of us go through ..and we are in battle/survival mode from the narcs as you refer to them….It is simply a perfect example..of how we have someone that can defend us ..even through this….and from ‘them’.


  4. Hmm I made a comment but not sure if it disappeared or if I pressed send… 😊 Anyway I was gonna say that I am glad you have such strong faith… I sometimes have strong faith and other days not… although my faith is not strictly by the Bible… it is more of a spiritual faith of my own… but I believe there is a good force at work in the universe… hugs 😊

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  5. I am reading a book right now, which your post relates directly to (including this comment thread.)

    It’s rare for me to write a book review (I’m a voracious reader) but this one will be on my blog.

    It’s called “Imagine Heaven” by John Burke. I’ll be writing more on the blog about it.

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