I am ever amazed that God’s answers are right before me, beside me and behind me. I am ever grateful when God illuminates and teaches me… just what I need to see and learn.

I sit today in complete awe of you and rest now after my time in prayer with you. I know that I have your assurance that I have and will continue to receive YOUR best and that I am to follow your leading.


God help me to always see and hear what you are revealing and to turn only to YOU. I know that you are always with me….and that you reveal to me when I am to just be still.

For YOU heavenly Father are my defender and…I am eternally grateful and I love YOU with all of my heart! I do so want to make you happy Father and learn and grow, so that the work you do in my life will be evident. I thank you Father for your gift of discernment.

For me and my house….we plan to put on our headphones and SING PRAISES!



Source: Psalm 36:1 (The Whisper)

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