My Rant: My Rave

I read so many blogs that I sit and read and wonder…are they trying to tear us down or build us up? I read and wonder are they more astute to write this or that than I am? Are they more learned, or schooled in the things in which they write than I am? Quite possibly the answer is “yes”.

I read blogs about Christian behavior and that we are wrong to do this, or say that and even to have thought that thing also. In essence – we are wrong at the first word. Okay, so let me say this….

I am a sinner.

I am human.

I am a woman.

I am not an authority on anything….

I do not rationalize that I sin every day. I may rationalize that I’m okay, arrive home look in the mirror and say to myself, “who are you kidding? You are broken. You are”… this or that…and the other thing…especially, when Satan is looking at me through the other side of the glass.

I may say – “you’re looking pretty good today…..feel pretty good”… but inside think – “I’m nothing special. I’m just me.”

But then I read that God knitted me together in my mother’s womb. HE knitted me. God doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t create flaws – or in his amazing weaver fashion – has he built that in as part of his unique design. (FLAWS) I wonder? Whatever my rationalization however – I know one thing in my heart – God is deliberate and HE doesn’t make mistakes and HE is so far above my flawed thinking…..He is the Great I Am and I am….His!

Okay, I read blogs and learn something new almost every day. I have come to accept – there are no super-hero’s in this world. There are batman and superman, spiderman, wonder woman, bat girl and many other super heros in the cartoons and in the movies. There are good guys and bad guys in the movies and in the real world. There are those that put their lives on the line for you and I every day – to me they are hero’s/heroines of today. Then there are those that pray for the likes of me. They are beautiful… me.

But yes, there is one..I mean ONE hero that ever lived and his name is Jesus.

So back to the blogs I read – I love there are very learned people out there and those that speak the truth and tell us that we better clean up this or that…. and even I suppose I should read  that we are damned …or destined to fall or should we read this? My thought is that a Pastor/Shepherd is probably the one appointed to tell me that..

….my choice to read it (a blog) or not is mine…..right? yes…

But those blogs that subtly say we bring this on our head or that on our life…or maybe the word is overtly? My point…

….there is ONE BOOK that we should read if you and I want to really get down to it…ONE BOOK with full authority to tell us how to live and believe and rationalize or not….There are those that God places in the Book to illustrate how it all came to pass..yes, it is right there in that beautiful Big Book. That big book is not a blog. That is truth. It is real and the hero – our hero lies on the inside….and on the pages.

So  here are my points…  …..yes 

  • I believe we can help others by what we live through.
  • I believe our blogs can give insight into how we may have made mistakes and learned and how God (the ONE) rescued us and helped us to get back up again….
  • I believe our stories are no mistake.
  • I believe we should share them.

…yet, at the end of the day – we should point them to one place – the Bible. The greatest book ever written, by the greatest author who ever existed.

That is not to say…writing isn’t inspired…or valuable…but wouldn’t it be great to read what God has done or will do…is doing…and it is positive?

We all feel like we have been beat over our heads by the world some days. That’s not rationalization…that is truth. Show me one person that has a perfect day… every day…and they quite possibly are made of wax – don’t get to close to the fire there….

So..I will…

  • Share my story – right or wrong…
  • Pray it gives someone 5 minutes of peace in their life now and again

..but I am no authority on anything

  1. I am a sinner.
  2. I am human.
  3. I am a woman.

I am a sinner – saved by grace. I have made mistakes. I am doing my best to do better..I will fall. I pray that God will help me get back up….and that is not rationalizing that I am better than anyone…it is simply that I am a flawed individual….trying to be better….than yesterday. I will fail. I will get it right too. So will we all.

My point….(delayed)….let’s write about who we are…where we have been – what we’ve learned and mostly about what GOD HAS DONE and is doing in our lives…right or wrong …not to rationalize,..yet if we write it that way..or we say it that way…or even if it is that way or sounds that way…then so be it…We don’t have to be perfect in our blogs do we?

The one authority…and who we ultimately must face…is God.

So, while we’re here on earth…(not just in the blog)…can we uplift and not hold down?

  • Can we point out the beauty in us and others (from God) ..and not the flaws in ourselves and especially others?
  • Can we shine a light instead of trying to snuff it out in someone?
  • Can we speak directly, not overtly?…
  • Can we just love each other….?
  • Can we be the rivers that flow together in harmony that come together embracing each others flaws and differences and diversity….with Love as our center?
  • Can we write about how special each person is…how valuable they are…how precious in his sight we are…How much he loves us

….and write …not from the viewpoint..that we are all wrong and doomed and have to pay back this or that…make restitution for this or that in every blog?…

  • Can we seek to uplift? Is that too much rationalization?

I know it’s not a perfect world…

  • …..but can we just take a moment to send each other a bit of grace today….?
  1. I am a sinner.
  2. I am human.
  3. I am a woman.

.and by the way….I’ve learned…

  • ….there is no super hero….
  • I am not super woman or even bat girl…

I am just me…flawed sinner me….with ONE hero…Jesus!

But I can promise you this…and this  IS REAL ….I love you…and so does GOD. ..

I’ve learned to love others, even if not loved back…because I am a sinner and I am supposed to…

  • …Jesus took my pain…
  • …Jesus took my shame….
  • ….Jesus covered me…with his blood…

I am loved…I am loved….and I will keep pressing on..trying to be better today….even tomorrow if I am graced to be here..

….and just know….I’m not here to pass judgment…who am I? I am …Just me…just flawed me….but I love you …for you…because I’m supposed to….and I’m honored to do so….


6 thoughts on “My Rant: My Rave

    1. I am ‘survived’. Thank you and I hope you are or have….also. I woke up with this blog piece stuck in my head and had to ‘key’ it out before I could focus on getting ready for work. lol Sometimes this stuff just pours….Thank you so much for the lovely comments….that was exactly my point….especially in light of what we and so many have gone through…My belief is that everyone needs to know they are valued. Yes, we all fall – but isn’t nice to read about our stories and how the positive has come on the other side of it….You sharing your experiences…helps others…and even though you have gone through ups and downs, you have persevered! I applaud you for sharing your story….

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      1. Thanks, Suthrn! I am in a good place, for today at least… But still have dark moments/hours/days… I write “poetry” occasionally, as you may have seen on my blog.. the poetry, i find it very healing to write for some reason… I really did feel quite uplifted when reading your post.. it reminded me to not shame and look down on myself, but lift myself up and see all the good in me.. Hugs! 🙂

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      2. Oh survived….I’m so happy to know that it did inspire you to realize how special you are. I was there also – carrying shame that wasn’t mine because I had internally carried the shame he had fed me day in and day out for many years. I was already affection starved and he learned to withhold that affection as if it was a prize for good behavior. I was in a depressed state, shamed, angry, almost lifeless for a while even after getting out of the relationship and then finding myself drawn to another couple of unhealthy situations (for me) . Each experience however taught me a lot about myself. I have learned that even in the negative experiences, they have propelled me into making important changes, so no experience is a waste, if you can step back and find the gift to yourself in the midst of it. It isn’t easy always to see. One I learned about ‘no condemnation’ as a Christian and that God would never beat you over the head, even when you make a mistake in life. His is amazing love and acceptance. I learned from one experience that I have the capacity after all to love, which I thought my ex had stolen. I am working on my trust issues now or rather God is. He has brought me through each stage and where I was even a year ago is amazing to see. I have learned a lot from you as well, so just remember your story has purpose! God bless you…and thank you so much for your kind words…. Have a great day!

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      3. I am happy for you that you have made so much progress! I hope to do more progress this year than the last year…. I believe I will.. ! 😊 With all of the lovely people including you here in Blogland, imny heart often feels lighter, although I still do get a lot of heavy and dark days.. see you later, friend 😊🌸

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Be well survived!

        Thank you….yes…I am starting feel excitement again…to see how a day will unfold and look for the blessings.

        Be patient with yourself…everyone’s healing doesn’t follow the same path…

        Just remember …you are valuable! 🙂 Have a great day!

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