My Search for ‘Real’

In a search for real today, I decided to look for blogs that inspired me. Christian blogs. I want to be intentional, purposeful here and looking for those that are as well. Intentional about the word of God and a relationship with Jesus Christ. I found quite a few that I’m inspired to delve into. I would like to share what I have learned from the first one.

I’ve created a checklist if you will, for how to get to know the Divine One- God, for those who already know God, to those who are mildly curious, to those who don’t currently know God but are interested to learn more.  note: (these are the words from the source that I’ve listed, I just created the checklist for my use and is an excerpt of their words.) Please check out their blog also!


Let me preface this by saying right away: I have so much to learn myself and am no authority. However, I am on a quest myself to test and approve what I read, with what is in the Bible. I am hungry for a relationship with the God/The Creator of the Universe, and my goal is to share with you what I learn along the way. You don’t have to take my word for it, but I will be purposeful in sharing what I truly experience and how God moved through it. I will show you proof in my own life. That is already what PRESSING ON (this blog) is about! Those are the blogs that I will be searching for and reading as well.

My belief and my heart:

Our testimonies/our stories of how we have come on the other side of the mountains, through valleys and large bodies of waters that were placed in our way, worked our way through, detours that appeared in our lives when we thought we had a path in mind, found our way at our destination and realizing that the journey was the blessing…AND that someone held our hand through it all…AND covered us, as if protected by a shield – those are the stories that I hope we all share with each other ….AND that I plan to share.

That is how you and I know there is God – the ONE and ONLY God….when you felt alone…completely alone and cried out to God and find yourself on the other side of everything that was thrown in front of you and you thought it was all burned to ashes… how you know He had you!

Please don’t take my word for it. Please find a bible to read. If you do not own a bible let me urge you to find one to read…(1)Go to a bookstore and stand or sit there and read a few pages.(2.) Go to a Library and sit and read. (3) borrow one.

Let the words on the pages speak to you. I even encourage you to find a study bible with notes of explanation at the bottom to assist you in understanding what you read.

I am going to give you also a list of my favorite bibles – those left to me by my mother who left this earth 4 years ago. Her bibles are my treasures….but then after this list, I am going to give you the checklist I referenced and the link to the source: BeautyForAshes

My Bible List:

  • Life Application Study Bible-new living translation (my go to source)
  • The Book-and reads like a novel. Easy to read.
  • Celebrate Recovery Bible – Zondervan Bibles-New International version (great bible and great program to find locally at a church) – give it a try.
  • The Complete Personalized Promise bible – James Riddle-this is every promise in the bible from Genesis to Revelation personalized just for you! You read it and speak the declarations back to and over yourself. Powerful!


Building My Relationship with GOD: Checklist

  1. Forget about how you feel. Look, the way you feel does not matter, at all. You have to pursue God NO MATTER how you feel. Worshiping God is not about you or your feelings. It’s about God and giving Him the honor that he deserves for who He is and all that He’s done. If you feel like he hasn’t done much in your life lately just remember he’s done more than enough by sending Jesus so that we don’t have to go to hell. That alone is enough to give him your time. So forget how you “feel”.
  2. Be intentional. If you say you are going to do it, do it. If you say you are going to pray in the mornings before you start your day, do it. If you say you will read the bible every day, do it. No one is going to do it for you. This is something you are going to have to MAKE UP your mind to do, and just do it. You become your own motivator to get serious with God. A relationship with God is something YOU have to put forth effort to have, despite how you feel some days.  YOU have to put forth the effort. God will MEET you, but you have to show Him this is something you truly want. It won’t happen by accident.
  3. Stop procrastinating. You are not promised another day on this earth, and you can go tomorrow. You can’t wait until you’re “feeling” it.
  4. Don’t be scared. You THINK you will right now, but that is just the devil lying to you and trying to keep you drawn in so you won’t get closer to God.
  5. Be real. Don’t get caught up in trying to be like the most holiest person you know, don’t try to pray like the most saved person you’ve heard pray, don’t try to do something that is no 100% you. God wants the real you. Talk to Him from your heart. Be so real with Him that it makes you uncomfortable. So real, that you just have to look around to make sure no one else is listening. It’s not your job to change to be perfect for God, he KNOWS you’re not perfect, that’s why He sent Jesus. Your only job is to show Him that you want a relationship with Him, and HE will make the changes in you. If you do this, it’ll make getting close to God so much easier and enjoyable. It will no longer feel like a “task”.
  6. Get to know who God really is. God has a personality and a mindset just like the rest of us. He has emotions too. Get to know who He is, how He thinks, what He likes, etc. Rick Warren said in his book, The Purpose Drive Life “People often say, “I like to think of God as . . . ,” and then they share their idea of the kind of God they would like to worship. But we cannot just create our own comfortable or politically correct image of God and worship it. That is idolatry.” Reading the bible is how you get to know God. Reading stories and paying attention the things he did, said, or felt, and spending time with Him is how you get to know Him.

Source:  BeautyForAshes/

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Finally, I truly hope the Building My Relationship with GOD: Checklist or the My Bible List: is helpful to you today. In my search for real and the un-hidden truths – my prayer is that you will find the love of Christ also.









7 thoughts on “My Search for ‘Real’

  1. 😊👍❤☝
    This is great! I love this. I love your disclaimer..but whether we’re newbie (as I am too) doesn’t mean anything..we may not know or be able to recite verses etc. But people shouldn’t judge u/us for lack of knowledge for they too were once like us.
    Again this is awesome!! Keep at it..I’m with u I know He is too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Andi..I’m so glad you find this helpful. Please feel free to share. Yes, we all are newbies once and I find I still have so much to learn and that is why I hope it will be helpful for others to see the progress in my life and how God uses not only the good times but also the trying times and even today as I read those that oppose us as tools to teach us and others. No one should judge us..that is true…and you are not judged here my friend. I know what that feels like….and it truly hurts…but even in that..there is purpose…I will keep pressing on and urge you to do the same…God Bless you! )

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  2. Hello Andi, what a blessing I received as I read through some of your posts. We are all on a quest for truth whether we are conscious of it not. It is wonderful to meet other travelers along this upward path. I too, am not an authority, but God is and so is His word. Too easily I can be upset by a bump in the road, or a life-storm…but I’m learning. Thank you so much… Perhaps you may find a blessing here:

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