You Are Vintage Beautiful


I listened to  Paula White’s live stream today…..I learned so much, but one thing she spoke was:

  • You are not “waiting on someones approval or acceptance”
  • I only need what God says about me and  I have Gods approval and acceptance already!

Paula reminded me to stop waiting on acceptance. It is mine. She said “don’t sit there waiting”

She said….that is the enemy ..telling me to wait…. So I say…no more.

SO LET ME SAY TO YOU/To Ladies Specifically.……

You are: beautiful….pretty…lovely..needed…as you are.

Let’s stop waiting…

God is there…

He loves you and I…unconditionally

Why settle…ever again….?




9 thoughts on “You Are Vintage Beautiful

      1. Yes.. it did. .. 😊 I had a rough time briefly in the weekend but now I feel better again! Thank you.. I hope you are having a good time too, writing etc 😊❤ now it is soo late here, I must sleep to be able to get up for work.. xoxo 🌸🌸🌼

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