What is your passion? Mine is God first and then communication! I believe we were created for relationship with God and to have relationships that last and are rewarding…you have to communicate. Sometimes, you should probably do more listening than drooling words.

Relationships with others can be challenging and rewarding all in the same ball of wax. Having said that….Here is my story little by little unfolding in my blog. My story is about a girl who was saved at age 5 and proceeded to do it her way – and not all the right way but certainly not all the wrong way…unless it was thinking I had the ‘tiger by the tail’. No sir, I learned early on…..I do better fighting battles when my spiritual armor is on but Jesus is taking the lead. I will defer to Him, unless he say – “here you go…there’s your giant, here is your slingshot! Go get him!” There was that saying back in school – “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

Nope, I no longer am holding on to the victim status….I am a victor, no not me personally, my Jesus is my victor ….FOR me! Again, he gives me the garb to wear – but with one swift move of his hand or a word – (looking around), pouf…the sneeky…pitched-fork one has vanished….

The progress that I’ve made to date is only by and with the hand and help of the good Lord. I’ve overcome…emotional and verbal beat-downs (how dare I have an opinion in that relationship?) and I’ve experienced those pleasant turned backs and even hole in the head stares, and here I am…to a woman who no longer cares. After all…

It’s not a beauty pageant or a popularity contest. It’s a Come As You Are Party! It’s = Life!

I am an 8 year breast cancer survivor, yep, I survived two marriages, one where we grew apart and the other….’never grew’, but that goofy word ‘pride’, held me in place. I figured I should try to muddle through. Kind of hard to do when you find out the day of your wedding, that the groom is talking to another woman. From the first day – chaos was the theme.I made the best of pea soup that I could….speaking of…

I have wonderful/amazing kids that I know were blessings. I am single and learning to love it more than I ever thought possible. My Valentine is Jesus …AND today I am stronger because of all of it AND despite all the willy nilly goofy things the enemy tries to throw at me.

I’ve learned…when he presses, I Press IN more! I might lay down for a sec or two, but when I get up from the floor or the bed…lookout! Suthrngirl is wearing her armor. No, I don’t need a superhero now or to even wear my own Supergirl tee-shirt (I wear it under my other clothes just in case)…no need to though…I have Jesus!

I believe every person is valuable, however, like myself there are so many that have been tormented by others’ opinions. so I say……

It’s time to take back our value…and to that end, I am the Christian Suthrngirl who sings…

Nice to meet you on the journey!




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