Happy In Love

God placed something on my heart for the second day in a row and so I feel I must write about it. For so long I’ve wanted to be in and have a relationship with someone. I had come on the other side of an emotionally abusive relationship and I realized after some time that I was in no place to be the whole person someone would need me to be. I had healing to do. I have been blessed with God’s patience and love and healing and He has healed me piece by piece.

He showed me that I first had to get still, and allow him to work in my life. I had to see that I needed Him first in my life. I had to see that before I could be whole – He had to be my center. I had to see that for me to be all that a Christ centered woman should be for a man, is that Christ had to be center. That all striving had to stop. Complete surrender to those humanly desires and complete surrender to God.

I had to see that Jesus is the love of my life and I had to experience that love like never before and I so have. I have never in all of these years felt such passion for the ONE who gave His life for me. Passion to live for him and serve HIM and for him and to let Him mold me from the inside out. To be His bride in every way.

Before all of this healing took place, I wanted to feel that I mattered to someone who would come into my life and be there for me through the ups and the downs. I was lonely. I was depressed and blue and I see now that it was the enemy that was holding me down and back.

I already mattered already to God. I had allowed the enemy to speak to me and convince me that I didn’t matter and could not matter to anyone. The devil is a liar.

What I’ve had impressed on my heart for the last two days is that while I would love someday to have that Christian man come into my life, that is now not my purpose. I believe I will have what God says I will have in my life. Love, Purpose, Direction, Wellness, Wholeness, Abundance, Peace and Love.

My purpose is to serve the one true love I’ve always had – Jesus! He is the love of my life. He will never leave me or forsake me. He will never give up on me, in fact – just being in His presence makes me better. I seek to be a better woman of God, daughter of God, sister to the co-heir of the kingdom of heaven and I’m ready to turn the page on my life.

What he impressed upon my heart is that whether I have that now or not, I am happy for those that do. I was out to dinner last night with my children and I saw so many couples there and God showed me that I should be happy for them and pray for them.

  • I pray that their lives be filled with love and happiness and health and peace – or in the order it came to me – peace, love, joy and health. I saw young couples with babies. What a joyous time in your life.
  • I pray that your family will be filled to overflowing with abundance and that your child grow into a beautiful child of God.
  • I pray that the husband and wives always make each other a priority, and be patient with each other because life is hard, and we each are flawed.
  • I pray that you would, if you don’t know the Lord, open your hearts to get to know him. I pray that if you do as a couple know God, that you would always keep him front and center in your relationship.

I have thought about what it would mean to be that other half of a Christ centered relationship for once in my life:

I would be so honored to begin that relationship sitting at the feet of the one whom I love, to soak in as he shares with me his hopes and dreams and goals and visions.

  • I would seek to embrace His Godly wisdom and would be there to support him in every way.
  •  would seek to be faithful and devoted and uplifting and encouraging, all of my days with him.
  • I would learn all that I could from him and even let him guide me to be the kind of partner he would need me to be.
  • I would embrace our differences and joyfully look for ways to serve God, him and the relationship.

Those are the things I see now.

Whether or not that ever happens – is not my call. I will faithfully wait on His will. I will patiently wait on the Lord and I will count it all joy. I will look around and embrace life as a gift with love (Christ) as my center.

  • I do pray you will seek to be loving to each other as a couple each day and enjoy each and every day together that you have been graced.
  • I pray that when you see someone who doesn’t have a significant other, that you will pray that someday as it is God’s will, that they find that Christ centered person for their life also.

I believe we are meant to pray for each other even as we pass each other by on the street or in a store or restaurant. That we should greet each other as in times past they seemed to do much more of, with smiles and kind words.

Again, I wish for you much love and peace, joy, health and abundance in your lives.


4 thoughts on “Happy In Love

    1. Thank you Andi! I’ve that impressed on my heart the last two days and felt that I should share it. It is amazing how God transforms our tears and our hearts and even our thoughts if we surrender our will to Him! Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

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  1. I have had similar thoughts. I have been sad about the thought of being alone, but God has been showing me that I am NOT alone! Two marriages failed….I am fine if marriage has no place in what is left of my life. I couldn’t say that 15 years ago when I fell into the arms of my abuser. God is good💜

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this Army of Angels. I reached a place myself as you can see that I can choose to be unhappy alone or I can see several things – (1) I see that I have never been alone (2) God has been doing work in me, that I’ve needed (3)that I needed to surrender everything, even my fears to Him, fears and sadness from the past, fear of the future, fear of my lack and feeling like a failure for broken relationships and unwise choices (4) to acceptance (5) to forgiveness of self and others (6) to being happy for the love and joy in others lives (7) that it is an honor and complete joy to pray for others – which brings me to the 7 “completeness”. God is a miracle worker but like Jacob who wrestled with God, we have to hold on. 🙂

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