You’re Invited: IT’S A Birthday Party

Heb11:1 says What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see.

When you were a child and your birthday was approaching, do you remember how the excitement would build? There would be the day a month or so before that your special day would be mentioned either by yourself or a family member? That was the start of your birthday season!

For the next month right up to the day before and the day of – it was all about the fun you were going to have on your birthday! Do you remember having that birthday party and the day of, with the balloons being blown up or brought in, the table decorations, the wrapped gifts that you may get a glimpse of, and especially the birthday cake?

You were the birthday boy or girl and it was all about you! The most exciting thing you could not stop thinking about was…what would you receive for your birthday? You possibly knew of something that you would receive or that you had asked for, but what about those surprises?

Those birthday surprises made the expectation grow and grow and the excitement continue to build. Do you remember asking your parent/s when would it (the party) start? You would ask when the guests would arrive? And you would ask again and again with expectation and excitement.

Well, like a birthday, we should think of faith.

The anticipation and assurance that God has good things in store for you, and having that expectation which equals the feeling of a birthday, is what faith should feel like. We should expect good things from God!

When we hope for things, we should not doubt, we should patiently, expectantly look forward to what those gifts and even those surprises will be.

Well, this week is my birthday week and while birthdays are not the same now that I am an adult, they are still a time of expectation. My Mother is no longer with me. She made all special family events – big events. My grandmother is also not here to celebrate with us and yet, I can’t help but remember each year it was such a joy to see her. She was part of the excitement with her smiles and giggles. She also made every birthday exciting.

Yet, every year there are always those returning thoughts of gifts, or even a surprise – yes, even as an adult? Now, there may not be a birthday party as such with balloons and cake – however, it may be dinner with family or a surprise gift or sweet words from loved ones. Those at this age are just as exciting and special.

So, when you are hoping for something,..when you have laid a request down at the foot of the cross,..when you have hopes and dreams for your future –

…remember WHO the great birthday giver is?

Remember, WHO the most important birthday guest is!


Remember… to expect good things from God and to activate your FAITH – as if it was your birthday – every single day!

Remember, to think of Faith like a birthday, with special gifts and surprises!


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