Serving and Faithfulness

As I wait…

Two words that occurred to me overnight or in the early morning recesses and for the last several days are “serving and faithfulness” and words that God may be trying to teach me. He maybe trying to show me in a different way about serving and being faithful. I know how to help others. I know that we are to be faithful in relationships, but I sense there is more he is trying to show me.

When I can’t feel God close to me or I am feeling alone in the midst of circumstances, yet I know he is there, maybe he is teaching me about faithfulness. Faithfulness to God. He is faithful to us but how are we faithful to him?

We walk by faith and not by sight as Christians, so we have to know that God has a purpose and is working his plan. We learn that we have to trust in his infinite wisdom and our finite thinking, yet understand that God has not left us alone in the midst of trouble.

Serving was the other word I pondered as I lay in bed in the dark. How in a medical situation can we serve? Do we miss our chance to serve when we are well enough and attending church on a regular basis and fail to get involved? Do we lose our ability to serve in our gifted areas if we don’t use them when we have the chance? As I have found that my ability has diminished a bit in my illness, did I mess up Lord?

Which brings me back to faithfulness. Do what you can while you wait. Serve your family or friends in kindness where you can. Serve him by praising him, by being faithful in your waiting. God has not left me alone. He has not left us alone…

…yet, we are to wait sometimes and in the waiting serve, by being faithful as he teaches us how too wait on him.

(please watch the below video – Faithful by Brooke Fraser. Demonstrates just how we become more faithful…beautiful song….). As I wait…



Faithful by Brooke Fraser


2 thoughts on “Serving and Faithfulness

  1. Thanks. You have shown with this post the spiritual connection between faithfulness and waiting. We serve the Lord regardless of anything else, because we love Him and we enjoy it. The Lord is always faithful. He always loves us. This is what keeps our relationship alive as we strive to become more faithful and a better servant. Real trust in the Lord, as Abraham had, and for which he was made righteous, is that we trust the Lord all the time and into the future whatever the future holds. Our faithfulness, then, in association with the waiting, is what makes whatever we are waiting for continue to happen and come forward. This is why we must press on (Philippians 3:12-14). To press on means to pursue, to run after swiftly, as in a race, and to seek eagerly. It is fighting to overcome the enemy who would hinder us and stop us, and fight forward against him to attain that which the Lord has for us. So we wait, but we wait in faith, knowing that what we are waiting for will happen, and is happening, because the Lord is faithful and loves us, and because we are trusting Him and pursuing the goal. We must not only pray and believe, but continue to pray and believe. We wait in expectation because we know it is coming to pass. All things are possible with God. Be blessed.

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