Do You Want to Start Over?

I’m starting this to ask one question, okay two questions about one word – Faith! Do you have faith? Do you believe? What you ask? What was your starting point of Faith in God? Think back – was it as a child? Was it from your parents or pastor or priest or other?

Have you ever wondered about how you arrived at your faith? Well, what if you had a chance to start over with a new starting point of the word Faith, as an adult?

I found I had a gap in my learning as an adult and joined a new church where I was fed the word of God. I was really hungry. I found I had so much to learn. I was amazed. How did I arrive at this age and not know more scripture? How did I not know more? Oh, I attended church all of my childhood with my family. I grew up believing that I understood who Jesus was. I do know who he is but there is so much more……

I found it’s not too late to start….so below is the link to a new opportunity.   It will challenge you but not shove it down your throat. You can watch in your leisure. 8 segments in all and you can watch weekly, daily or however you choose.

Need a do over? Here is your chance. Not many of them in life but here is one and I wanted to share it. Check it out and start over fresh……


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