Incline Your Ears

Attend to mine words

Incline thine ear to my sayings

Do not let them depart from thine eyes

Keep them in the midst of thine heart

For they are are life to those that find them and

health to all of their flesh.

Reference: Proverbs 4:20-22

What do you do when you need comforting words? For where my child do you go when you need to hear the truth in love?

Do you wander to other places hoping to find a morsel?

Do you look next door or under the neighbors rug?


Whom do you listen son when you need words to fall on your ears?

Where do you go my daughter to feel the love in your heart?

Did you know that there is one source for all of healing?

Do you know my lovely there is one place and only one face to shine upon yours?


Did you know there is a promise of life and health from attending to the Lords words, keeping those words in your ears when speaking them out loud?

Did you know like seeds those words can become planted into your heart and that you can withdraw them at remembrance to be health to all of you?


Do you need health?

Do you need life?

Do you need healing?


We all do my lovely and there is a great physician that tells us how to apply the medicine, his words. He is our Heavenly Father and the medicine cabinet holds the balm and is called the Bible.



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