New Seasons

Life changes so fast and before we know it we are transported into a new time. Not time as in time travel but time as fast as it it moves and we see something new for the first time.News channels do that to us. With one news segment we see and hear decisions made and realize it’s another new season.

That’s cool though because we learn something new with each new season about ourselves that is.We see what we tolerated but didn’t realize. We see what challenges us and we weren’t prepared or are we? God doesn’t bring these changes by mistake. He knows what’s ahead of us and we are to continue to strive to do his will with all we can do in a 24 hour period. He has graced us.

Best of luck on your evening – sweet dreams and such and much success for tomorrow. Remember life changes – new seasons come upon us ready or not, but we have much to see in each season. Embrace it, whatever it looks like.



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