How To Shine

We shine bright when we remember to shine for Him.

It’s not that we don’t shine on our own but when we put Gods’ light first – it shines through us even brighter.

We are meant to go out into this world and lead others to that light- His light.

But how will they know us if we don’t shine His light.


Mercy everyday when we wake.

Belief in that we can make a difference for Him.

Are you kind? Are you patient with life and others?

Are you humble? Are you honorable?


Have you failed to shine that light some days? We all fall down but let the light lift you to your feet.

Let his strong arms sustain you. Let his music fill your heart and mind and shine that smile you have.

Did you know that you are unique? You are special. You do things that only you can do, the way you do.


Do you know that you are loved? Don’t forget you were made for a reason. You are one of a kind. You are blessed. Don’t you want to share that special light you have? Some days we wonder about what light is it we have – but you are illuminated by Him. He shows his qualities through your walk in this life.


When you have peace and something comes against you in an instant to take that smile – be like what I heard of yesterday – a sieve and let those negative thoughts wash away – drain right through you. Hold on to who God is and that you are special. Don’t let anything steal that joy. No nothing. Not things that interrupt you – try to halt you – come against you – trust in what you have. You have God within if you have accepted Jesus as your savior and spoken it out loud. (Declare it!)You have it when you welcome your neighbors – when you smile as you pass someone by and light is your heart.


Just shine darling. Just shine. Just shine. That light when it returns to your eyes, your heart – nothing can take it. Find those moments. Sit and reflect who you are to Him and who He is to you. You are his beloved. So just shine.


I’ve been missing music and not feeling it but today led to the music and the light returned. I identify with David through the old testament and his love of music and always have – I love music. I forgot how it changes me when I listen to Christian music. I forget how much it opens my heart to love and light. Find that light beloved – in reading His word, in doing for others – in encouraging others – with that gift you’ve been given, where you feel the lightest and the most connected. You know where that is, doing what brings you so much joy – His light pours right through you. Think on it- where do you shine brightest? I bet you will find God right in the midst of it.



I read one more thing about thoughts that I would like to share not from a source that I would ordinarily focus on but this caught me by surprise and the thought of these words brought peace so I would like to share, in that somehow like the colander or sieve, any negative thoughts flow right through you (words spoken to you):


I will not let anyone walk thought my mind with their dirty feet. Gandhi

Go shine for him today – now – yes right now! 



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