Glad I Fell

God I fall. I fall to the ground. It’s a new day.

God I let go and fell to the ground because you told me to stop holding on and be held – so please pick me up and I will give in to you completely. It’s so much better knowing that I can lean against you and you will sustain me. I need you and I always will but thank you for reminding me that I can shine with you, I can rest in your arms and just be held.

I know that I can choose my thoughts. I don’t have to let fear take hold. I can rest in your word. I need you like air. I will rest against you. I will take it second by second. Just knowing you are there makes my heart so happy. Have I told you lately that I am grateful for you. I am so blessed you are here with me. I know you wont give up on me even when the world seems to. I choose to look around for you and run to you and not the world. I only need you more and more every day. Nothing compares to you.


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