Door Open

Like a bird sitting in the birdcage and door stands open.

Confused and not moving. Freedom waits.

To move or not. Wanting to see what’s on the other side of the door.

Wanting to stay where safety surrounds- yet just curious enough.

To fly or not – searching and yet trusting – seeking his prompting.

To push forward or stay on the branch. Edging closer to the door, on the perch. Turning head side to side – looking back. Just one more step. Spreading those beautiful wings. Inching closer.

Wanting to soar. Wanting to see the beautiful world on the outside; to test the wings. No iron, no metal holding within – just jump – take up those beautiful wings – breathe it deeply. Soar. Made to soar – not just sit still. Recognize finally that you were made to fly free.




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