I Give You My Heart

So much on the plate for this week.

Panic set in for minute but I asked you to transcend beyond all understanding and peace filled my heart.

I don’t know what this week is about – but I breathe in ever second – filling my ears with music and my mind with your word and I see it is you who makes me brave.

There is hope through this sadness – I see there are things I can not do – yet I trust you to walk me through this. Past is coming into focus and I shouldn’t fear it. I believe this is about a new season. I can not grasp what this is about but I will trust you.

Loneliness is not from you – that is fear that is not from you. I know you can reform these thoughts to hope that I can persevere through this. I need your fruits of the spirit. Fear tries to grip me but then I realize I just slow down these thoughts to see that it is the enemy who is trying to make me full of anxiety. That if I stop it with you word – it can not grip me. I know you won’t let the past that arrives shortly hurt me again.

I need to be a bearer of forgiveness and grace. I can do this with you if you will stay close to me. I let those things that tried to grip me go. I didn’t fall back into old coping mechanisms. I have stayed true to you. I hold onto you. You mean the world to me – so give me your heart of love – love covers all. I believe he can change my world – if I give you my heart.


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