Pressing In

Press into his presence. He will not let me go without. He will do this . I shower you with praise – Hallelujah. You are my king. You are my love that brings love. All I want is you in this moment in time. You have already made a way. I thank you for everything. Have your way. I will give you all the glory. It is not I but you. Faith is an action word – and I grab hold of it – put myself out there. I will trust that the resources will reach me there. I take a step out and ask you to not let me drown. Moving with you now in faith.

Father I thank you for the faith. I thank you for the hope. I thank you that you will use this for your glory so that others can see how real you are through my life. This is inspired. It is all for you if I will just follow where you lead. You place these people in my life. You provide the inspiration, Hallelujah!

Death could not hold you – you are my risen King. Hallelujah. You do this all – I trust you. I release it all to you today. Fill me God. I empty myself for you – fill me. I bear it all – I release it all. You are here. Have your way Lord. Let you anointing and angels touch me. I know you are speaking healing today. Hallelujah. I press into you.


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