The Servant

Hello again:

In today’s rain I was thinking of how water washes away the stain. We have lots of rain as we are in the path of a hurricane – or tropical storm. One can either sit inside and enjoy the day or even more fun go outside and dance in the rain – either way – don’t be sad that its an indoor kind of day.  2 things resonate with me today – the word servitude and this old post where I introduce myself.

I would love an opportunity to hear from you where you tell me something of yourself. Share it here.

So I am going to contemplate servitude today – and rainstorms and peace and hope to hear from some of you. Have a very blessed day!



KJV Dictionary Definition: servitude


SERV’ITUDE, n. L. servitudo or servitus. See Serve.

1. The condition of a slave; the state of involuntary subjection to a master; slavery; bondage. Such is the state of slaves in America. A large portion of the human race is in servitude.

2. The state of a servant. Less common and less proper.

3. The condition of a conquered country.

4. A state of slavish dependence. Some persons may be in love with splendid servitude.

5. Servants, collectively. Not in use.

check out the link below to the Servant Song – peaceful – serving others is the theme.



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