Music of the Day

I rise and go through my morning ritual.

I prepare myself to meet the day.

I turn on the lights to satisfy my need for bright.

I step into the day whether clouds or sunshine and taste of the sounds and sights to behold.


I make my way back inside and put on a pot of coffee and look around for things to replace or fix.

I see this as my task of taking care of others even if they never realize it is for them.

I am thankful for the small tasks of care. My mother impressed this upon me as she would also do the same. I miss her touch. I miss her more each day not less.


I ride out into the day and notice the beauty all around me. Trees – the sky – the quiet town, the noisy places.

I notice the people walking and riding beside. I send a smile to whomever looks this way. I gesture to others a kind hello. I don’t have to know them – I know that my healing has arrived.

For an utterance is a bright spot to someone – where before in fear I would turn my head – that is how I know I am healing.

I was so open before – there was no one I would not smile at, again – I know I have healing wrapped around my shoulders.


I picnic with family and we taste the goodness we have been given while we watch the passersby.

I drink in the clouds and the sunshine – the warmth of the sun.

I muse of others walking from their cars into places wondering about their lives, wondering what they are keeping on the inside.

We all march to different drums – our lives are so different – how do others manage their day – I wonder.

Step out into the day again and look at the familiar- I am thankful for same.

I touch the cool of the door handle and give thanks for this place to arrive.

I handle the tasks of the day quietly and gently intent on missing nothing. I make mental notes to do this or that today. I accomplish each one feeling grateful.


How do you start your day? What rituals do you have? Do you notice small things and other people passing you by? Do you shine your smile at others? Do you know you have given of yourself when you do and that you have given something priceless?

Whether you stay inside or greet the day outside – do you notice the beauty around you? Are you in tune with the music of the day?




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