Love Anyway – Daily reflections

Good things are on the way – believe!

Today I refuse to stress myself – speak it!

Thank you God for being with  me all this time.

God wants to breathe your dreams to life. J.Osteen

Forgive people.

Courage isn’t always a shout – it can be  whisper.

Love by encouraging others.

Remember we may not know what someone is dealing with or is in their life – so just be kind.

Sometimes God closes doors to open others.

Don’t quit. Delay doesn’t mean God isn’t working on it.

Thank God for today and each day.

Don’t focus on how stressed you are – focus on your blessings.

Expect increase of good (GOD) things – live in expectation.

You are loved and needed and wanted . You are not a mistake.

Cherish your loved ones – we aren’t promised tomorrow.

If you are your own harshest critic – it’s time to appreciate yourself.

Give yourself permission to live your own life.

1,2, 3……100 – count your blessings.

Love anyway!



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