Perfect Timing – The Story

Had a dilemma all week and chipped at it all week, feeling like I was getting no where. Readied myself this morning to take things into my own hands and go in person. Arrived at my destination. Went inside. Started the conversation and took a deep breath praying I could get through what I needed to say so that it made an impact and God did far greater than I expected.

There was the person standing behind the front desk person that I needed to see – Gods perfect timing. I was prepared to sit or stand for hours and there he arranged the perfect setting and one more thing – the person had already addressed my issue and resolved it before I could ever finish my sentences.

Now the silly part – the person said – “what is wrong with you eye?” I said I don’t know and the front desk person said “it’s black”. I started wiping my face and eye. Turns out in my haste to put on makeup – I smeared the mascara – so it looked like I had been sucker punched. I wiped it away and realized this person I was there to see was alarmed for me. God definitely gets things done and he even can make an impression and impact I had to laugh. Then after the conversation – I began to praise his name.

I had surrendered it to him last evening – holding out my hands and saying “God – you take this. It’s bigger than I am.” AND HE DID!

Lesson – surrender the issue. Do your part. Watch God move. Then Praise Him!



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