Behavior – Notes

Do it as unto the Lord. “Remember Love is a decision ­ not a feeling”. We are to show love in all we do to whomever we encounter.

“You’re not saved by good behavior” you are saved by grace. Do life with God, for Him in everything we do.

“Rebellion is the spirit of the anti-Christ.” Think on this.

“Be subject one to another.” Remember decency and order, otherwise is chaos.

Look to who is in charge in each place you may go – and then make a decision to come unto authority. Such would be bosses – also husband and wives.. “Honor your Father and Mother.”

Do this wives – submit to husbands – do it for God. Do it for the head of the church – Christ.

Husbands love your wife – is a sacrifice – as Jesus gave himself for us unto the church.

If you do what’s right. God will protect you. He will be with you.

Do all things as a service unto the Lord.

Be good to others – even your enemies. Those who persecute you.

You will receive a reward from God.

“If you do what is right it slams every door” to the devil.

“Be intentional (live intentional)” unto God in all you do. – Love and mercy and grace and peace as your center.

Source of inspiration – Joyce Meyers teaching on Ephesians 5 Bible Study Part 1 and 2 My words added for emphasis in these notes.


Grace it is.

Peace it be.

Mercy follows

Love as the center.


Peace be unto you

Grace unto you to give.

Peace and mercy placed for you to share in all you do.


Mercy and peace.

Order instead of chaos.

Love is the center.


No rebellion – yet, mercy and love as the center.

Remove haughtiness and chaos.

Order and peace will follow.


So mercy, grace, love as the center.

Haughtiness removed.

Peace and God’s protection when decisions are made in love.

Grasp peace in all you do.

With love as the center.


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