Your!Today (reprint)

Do you know that God had a special plan in mind for you before you were born?

He had all of your toes and fingers planned with your own special imprint. He determined the hairs on your head. He even counted them. He decided what your eyes would look like and how you would look at the world and the light that would shine from them. He determined before you uttered that first cry what your voice to the world would sound like. He created your brain and the intricate ways you think about life and the world around you and that special good only you can give to others. Think about your lungs – how you breathe in God’s goodness. That is a special gift to you.

He gave you also a beautiful timepiece called a heart. This heart of yours has a rhythm very much like your own special drum beat, yet that heart is more wonderful than you might imagine. Your heart helps your fingers continue to move and your toes tap, keeps the sound of your voice resonating, your eyes opening and closing and even talks regularly with your lungs and brain. Your heart is also like a locket around your neck. It holds something very special, His name is LOVE!

He (the Divine) was there in your heart at the beginning and He will be with you on the day you start your next beginning, when you take the steps up to those beautiful pearly gates and those golden roads that lay in front of you. Your heart and the creator work together closely and he even designed the day that you all (you and your beautifully designed parts) would meet face to face.

No this is not about endings. This is about beginnings. This is about being who you are right now, and who you were designed by the creator to be.

So on this day, a beautiful day….

  • Go out into the world and tap your fingers and toes to the music.
  • Dance even if it rains.
  • Shine your special light on all around you.
  • Think on all of the beautiful moments God has weaved for you.
  • Breathe in God’s life within and go out and ….
  • Make a mark ……your own special mark on this world.

One!!!… more thing…

  • ….don’t forget to share with the eyes of your heart by giving of yourself.

You are a work of art. You are a gift. You are special. Be who you are!

Go make a mark on this world, this your special day, which is called TODAY!

Pressing on…


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