If I said God has shown me something that you don’t know, could you believe?

If I said God placed trust there after so long – would you believe?

If I told you that I can see beyond just words but also your heart would you believe me?

Could you believe in me?

I will not run. I will not chide.

I will listen.

I will present myself to someone who cares to see belief in me. Maybe its not belief in yourself but that’s okay – because God shows me more.

I didn’t sign on in this life for it to be all peachy. I know now at this age that simply isn’t true.

But God doesn’t want us to give up on our dreams the dreams he placed in our heart.

Maybe its time I say – I believe in you. I want to know more. I will sit in peace. I will sit in silence and just take it all in.

God needs us to reach out to others. We are not flawless. We are all flawed but the blemishes are nothing to the word love – love from Christ – love from others. Love is accepting of others. I will not question.

I will just believe.


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