Messages To and From My Heart Today

Leap for it.

It’s not just time to fly, but shine.

It doesn’t come from a one time push to achieve you goals. Success is a way of life (unknown).

Get ready for your breakthrough.


Don’t let the enemy manipulate you.

Rise above it.

God will make all things new for you. Trust God.

Can you say new? Faith, change, good

Stand in faith and watch what is getting ready to happen.


As small as a mustard seed, have faith.

God has more ahead of you than what is behind you.

Don’t fight people, fight the good fight of faith.

Trust your own instincts, listen to your own thoughts.


You are capable. You are out of that environment now. You are safe.

Know that God is in control.

God closed doors but he will open others.


Negativity has no place in my life and God is for me.

So when doubt tries to step up and in, I will keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.

Thank you God that you sent your son and all that you showed me, your precious mercy today.

Even if you don’t have all of the details – trust God.


When God measures, he puts the tape around your heart, not our head #circleoffriends.

Know that heaven is backing cheering you and rooting for you. Paula White.


5 thoughts on “Messages To and From My Heart Today

    1. I’m so glad Army of Angels that it spoke to you. The messages to my heart just seemed to be saying the same thing. One thing that has helped me recently is surrender it and know God has it. Until I surrender something I’m not in peace. I used to be afraid of even the word surrender – but now I see it brings me peace. I just say to God – my hands outstretched, God this is bigger than I am – I’m giving it to you and it works wonders. Thank you for your time and your words of encouragement for posting. I am not always sure anyone reads lol. I’m thankful God used those messages to speak to someone. Have a blessed day! 🙂

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      1. I find that I know to surrender…I do surrender…then I take back pieces of whatever I just surrendered, and try to deal with them myself. That doesn’t work out well. I am now finding those little pieces, and surrendering them again.

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