How To Be A First Responder (repost)

What is a friend? Is it someone who rushes to your aid? Is it someone who is always there first? Are you someone’s friend?

When someone is going through a hardship and you are their friend, are you a first responder to a friends trouble? What are some of the ways that you support them? Do you visit? Call? Do you pray? Do you stand and fight the fires with them?

Have you ever heard of Hushai, a man that became King David’s new friend, after his dearest friend Jonathan, was killed? Do you know that he (Hushai) risked his life for David when asked? Do you know that he quickly responded to Davids request to go and put his life on the line – literally? That would be the ultimate friend right – to know someone has your back – one who never turns his back and rushes into enemy territory for you – to eventually bring back the victory?

I f you are a friend to someone who is going through a tough time – one who needs a loyal friend – are you wiling to:

  • walk into the hardship with your friend?
  • Encourage?
  • offer comfort?
  • pray?
  • sacrifice your time, resources, energy or maybe even your life?

Do you use your gifts and abilities to help a friend in need? Have you thought about your strengths as great tools to assist someone in need?

Are you strong? Would you carry your friend? Would you protect a friend even from poor decisions in the midst of their struggle? Would you inspire them to be all God wants them to be?

Here are a few other references to friends in the Bible and the gifts they used and shared:

  • eloquent speech – Prov 17:17
  • sharpness – Prov 27:17
  • lay down their lives-John 15:13
  • risked their lives-Romans 16:4
  • visited and encouraged-2 Tim 1:16

What if you could look out this week to see who you could be a Hushai to ? May I make a suggestion – a challenge for the week?

What if you look for people in need – in pain and sadness – strife – turmoil – those just needing a friend to come alongside of them? Would you turn your back on them – or could you turn back instead – toward them? Come alongside of them? Walk and talk with them? Listen to them. Pray with them and for them? When was the last time you were a Hushai to someone in need?

Hushai was a first responder to David. Could you be someone’s first responder? Even if you do not know any kings here on earth – I hope you know The King – Jesus! Would you follow what he/Jesus commanded you to do? Would you willingly sacrifice yourself if asked?

Do you know that Jesus was our FIRST RESPONDER? He made the ultimate sacrifice for you and I! He died for us! He literally laid down his life for us – he did battle and ultimately had his victory over sin – which is our victory! Be someone’s First Responder, someone’s Hushai this week!

Further study and references: 1 Chronicles 27, 2 SAM 1:11, 26, 15:18, 15:32-37, 2 SAM 17:1-12


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