A New Song

I will be still and know you are my beloved.

I trust you when you say be still.

You want me to love myself so that I can give that love away to another.


With all the stressors and demands on my life I know everything is good.

I will take some time for myself to spend with you and I will take some time with myself.

I don’t have to figure everything out.

God can take the reigns and I will hold on to him.


I love you Lord and I know you listen to me when I speak and even when I am in quiet time thinking of you. I know you know my thoughts. You have given me a new song to sing one that says don’t get comfortable because I’m doing a new thing. Still I will pray to you because I know you hear me.


I know you said all of this to prepare me and so that I would have peace. I know I will have challenging times in my life and here on the earth but I am to take heart – you have overcome the world.


I will not be afraid – you and yours are with me and more numerous than those here on earth. You have instructed me to live like I used to dream and this is my new song.

Inspirational verses:

Psalm 46:10

Psalm 116:1-2

John 16:33

2 Kings 6:16


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