He Will Love You Through The Hurt!

I’ve had one of those really blue days. Have any of you have one of those? I have gone about my day and with my appointments and other household roles and responsibilities. I have felt fatigue and then just plainly sat down for a cry. It bubbled up from my toes. It seemed to come from nowhere, but I know where it came from. It came from a conversation that I had this morning.

I’ve been trying to focus, but feel so weak that I can barely put one idea to work when another floods my mind and then I’m sidetracked by both. I found a website and sat down at my laptop to read and two things jumped out at me. In the article it was about two brothers who in their childhood play ‘had everything pills’. It protected them from everything that would come against them in imaginary play. How awesome does that sound? Then it describes years later one of the brothers texts the other and asks remember the ‘everything pills? The second brother responds with “yes and I need it today.” As it turns out one of the brothers was found to have stage 4 cancer, He really did/does need the ‘everything pill’ as he is now facing a major mountain and needs strong gear and a strong faith for climbing.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that ‘everything pill’ to handle those overwhelming “everything at once “ times?

In the day that I’ve had, I was planning to go quiet or silent for a while to think and just do some soul searching but in my daily devotional something else jumped out at me. It read “that I might sing praises to you and not be silent’ and it was one of those “aha” moments when what I heard is that “this time is not for sitting in a corner or in my bed or huddled on the sofa. THIS time is for singing.”

Well anyone that truly knows me, knows what music means to me. I truly believe music can soothe the soul. So instead of licking my wounds, today I’m going to ”sing” and give thanks and just ‘be’.

If I can receive such a wonderful message as this right when my heart and mind needs to receive it, then I’m going to trust God with my ‘everything’ else concerns. He is bigger than the hurt. He is love and he will love me through the hurt…in fact …He will love YOU through the hurt!

Have a blessed day!



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