Turning a Phrase – Thy Will

Have you ever thought about the words in the Lords’ Prayer? Today I was listening to Paula White and she mentioned the Lords prayer and stated “Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name.. ..thy will – be done…” and all of a sudden God spoke to my heart. Do you know what “thy will” means? Not your will (yours or mine) but God’s will. Not that something I will do but through Gods will it be done. Meaning I may have been praying this incorrectly – just that little turn of phrase and the meaning was all different. Saying it thy will be done (it will be done) instead of Thy Will (his will be done.)

What about this From Wings of Encouragement through Facebook – the saying is “Faith is not about everything turning out OK, faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out. “ You see how easy it is to change the meaning depending how you read or say something?

I thought it was refreshing to learn – yes – God is in control but pray “God no matter how things turn out – your will be done in my life.”….and…Because God is good and God is love – we know we wouldn’t be a part of anything he would do to hurt us. God is love and he is not about hurting us but loving us. His will means – surrender it – give it all over to him and His will be done.

He is the God who makes things have purpose. His Will – so take heart sweet one – God’s will be done and hold on to your faith that no matter how things turn out – according to His will (thy will)you will be OK.

Paula also says it this way – “If not God sent, God used!”

Have a blessed day – Encourage someone today!


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