12 Ways to Know and Show You Shine

Clean – cleansed – washed whiter than snow. That’s what God will do for you – has done for you.

Make a difference in someone’ life – care enough to be there for them.

Be who you are, who you were created to be – don’t change just to please someone. You are valuable as you are.

God is super great.

If you’re hurting – go out of your way to help someone else. It will take some strength – ask God to show you who he has in mind, but also ask for His strength as well. “God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble, therefore, we will not fear.”- Psalm 46.

Laugh an smile – it opens the door for joy on the inside.

Remember God is on your side.

Have you tried all the keys but one to a situation? Go ahead and try that last one, it maybe the one you needed all along.

God gives many chances so don’t give up.

If someone labels you – it says more about them. Love them anyway..

Do you know your ow value? It’s time you know you are valuable – you are not a discounted item.

From experience: You may pray about something for years and think God doesn’t hear your prayers. I’m living proof that although he may say “wait for a time” He is moving behind the scene and in his infinite wisdom. He will move your life in ways you never expected – Amazingly beautiful.


  • You are clean
  • Help others.
  • Be who you are and remember your value.
  • God is great.
  • Help others even when you are hurting.
  • Laugh and smile and notice the joy it brings.
  • God is on your side.
  • Try that last key – be patient – quiet and listen.
  • God gives many chances. Don’t give up.
  • If someone labels you – love them anyway.
  • You are not on the discount rack – You are valuable.
  • Pray as long as it takes about an issue but expect his answer in amazing ways. Remember it is in His timing. He hasn’t forgotten you. He is working behind the scenes. Expect amazing things.

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