Flaws. Love. Life Story and Song.

Even if we have 10,000 flaws we still deserve love and respect. Remember if you get knocked down a time or two- we won’t stay down if we lean on Christ. He makes us stronger. We will stand again.

With love – it is utterly pointless to not share it however and whenever you have a moment. Share with someone who seems to have forgotten the feeling or let them love you if they so choose. Don’t dwell on pain – but if it occurs – change your focus. You may be learning that lesson on pain so that you can remember what forgiveness is all about.

Have you ever thought about a persons’ story? Have you sat down and reflected on a person and see an ebb and flow to their life. Do they smile – do they frown? What if you don’t know them by name or even in person – can you tell much about them by their words – their life story or or their life song? Everyone has a story, a life song. Are you apparent with yours? What is your story, your life song? Do you share it? Did you know you are one of kind and your story and your song is yours and yours alone? Share your life story, your life song. Let others see it from your actions or your words. Share you – you are worthy and you are special!


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