Living the Dream – Reblog

What do those words mean to you? Is living the dream – a great job, a husband and/or a wife with children and a beautiful house – going on vacations, having the top cars to drive and lots of money?

Or consider someone who has walked as homeless, who has shelter, who has food, who has clothes, who struggles and is looked down upon, yet little by little the Lord is restoring their life?

When this person First wakes in the morning with breath in their lungs, they are happy And they are content with what they have? They don’t dream of expensive cars or walking the red carpet or having a star on the walk of fame. They are happy with a small apartment where they have a bed to lay down at night, not an expensive bed with the the best threads to cover them. They have a coffee pot, a single cup. They have a plate, a knife, a spoon, a hand towel and place to take a bath. They have a small job and they have someone who provides rides to and from work. They don’t have the most renowned job, but it is important to them and they help people, yet maybe that is not even realized in the scheme of things. They go home to their one room apartment, sit with their book and cup of soup and occasionally with popcorn, yes a treat. They have a bed to lie their head down again that evening. Food is always provided. They see family ever so often or not.

Do you know why this second person feels they are living the dream?

The one book in their one room apartment – is the Bible. The Truth of life and death and the in between is in this book. It brings peace and strength, and hope each and every moment it is read. They can see where they have been to where they are. They are cared for and never lack a good thing. Now that may not seem much to many, but in the end, what will you take with you to heaven? Will you go to heaven?

Can you take your job, your house, your expensive car or even your money? No, you can not even take you coffee pot, single cup. But reading and spending time with God and giving your heart over to Jesus is living the dream – the Living Hope. The Living Strength – with the mercy and bits of grace he provides each day, enough for living.

So, will you reap all that you can here – to not live the dream in heaven later? Living as the world lives? Or, will you consider your heavenly future and store up your treasures above or will you consider the alternative of no future at all filled with pain and suffering? If you don’t believe me – the truth is in the Book, the bible. Jesus was real. He provided a way for you to live the dream with joy here…and later in heaven with harvest and rewards you can not even fathom.


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