Hello Friends:

This is not my first blog but once again I find that I am at the same point as when I wrote “Today, I start a new chapter in my life.” I first penned those words in 2010. I had no idea of the changes that were about to take place. That next year I lost my mother to cancer. From that tragedy I headed straight into a divorce and an illness with one of my children. From the recovery of my child, I moved to a new home as a single mom. I had hoped that this new place in my life would be about finding myself in a happy peaceful state but it was not as I had hoped. Instead, I found I was in the middle of the wilderness alone and afraid. I had just emerged from emotional abuse and I had no nuclear family nearby except my children of course. I had no idea how hard it would be to start again. I guess I assumed once out, it was free-sailing. Wrong! It continues to be a process.

I received the idea for the title of this blog one day as I was driving along and the car license plate on a car that pulled in front of me read ‘PRESS ON’.

All throughout that day those words continued to come to me, once in a song and again in a devotional. That is the message I needed from God at that moment, to Press On. I do not believe those messages we receive from time to time are by mistake. My belief is they are by Divine Order.

I believe we are meant to reach out to others in Christian love. I believe we are to show the love of Christ in how we live out each day. Let me preface that by saying “I’m not perfect at it”. Some days I fall short, however, my goal here on this blog is to share what I learn on this journey called Life. That may include sharing music or even photography that touches my heart but it will most definitely be about my being real and authentic.



As long as I can remember I’ve loved to sing and began singing at an early age. I sang in the church choir. From time to time I also sang solo’s or duets, and sometimes with my Mother who had an angelic voice. I sang in other churches including a time with a Christian youth singing group. The group toured from North Carolina to the Outer Banks to Virginia and back. It was an amazing time of togetherness and worship and learning. In high school I sang in public talent shows. I always pushed myself to do these, yet I had major stage fright. I met that challenge and faced it by singing again in my home church and guess what I sang? Yep, you guessed it – my life theme song – Press On by Selah. I am back to singing again with the choir of my youth with some very amazing and loving people from my childhood.


I have recaptured my love of writing and photography. Writing for me is therapeutic. Years ago I wrote for an online community called Mystic Gardens. I had my first poem published in their online newsletter. That was when I first knew I loved words and sharing mine. In 2013, I wrote for an online forum through FaceBook. (https://www.facebook.com/Hold.My.Hand.The.Original).  It was very rewarding interacting with the public when they responded to something I shared. I also found inspiration, and words of encouragement for my soul as well. I encountered someone who became like a mentor to me. She spent a lot of time sharing thoughts and ideas with me and I will treasure that time always. She is a writer in her own right and has become someone I call friend, although we have never met personally. I will forever cherish the experience. I am forever changed for the better.

I love photography also. I am forever keeping my eye out for a beautiful shot to capture on my camera phone. There is something really exciting about looking at the picture later to find what you captured. Sometimes there is more to the shot than you first saw. Two of my favorite times to capture on camera are sunrises and sunsets. I am simply amazed at the beauty of each and every one. I especially love capturing those moments near the water, especially along the shore. Anywhere near the water is where I find peaceful moments.

Other favorites are art and long drives. Something about driving down the open road, destination anywhere helps me regain my focus.


I was born with the gift of gab as my mother used to say, however, I believe God blessed me with gift of ‘words’. I was thinking today of a song that says….’more words than I’ve ever heard’. That’s probably me, yet at times I like to sit quietly and gather my thoughts. In those moments I find my greatest inspiration.

I hope you will walk with me on my journey through these pages here. My goal for this blog is to share encouragement that I receive in various forms, whether inspiration from lyrics or Christian radio to spoken or written word. In my sharing it is my hope and goal that something that I write or share will encourage and/or inspire you.


I am not claiming to know everything about anything. I am a girl/woman/child of God and that is all I really know for sure! I write from my own experience, my own pain, my own joy, my own concerns….not to preach – but to open my heart and life …..(a risk) …in the hopes truly that I can give someone…5 minutes of peace from their inner and outer struggles. I do not claim to be the way for anyone to follow…… I learn and grow like we all do, making my mistakes along the way. ...and as I said to a friend recently…”If I could take your pain as my own …I would. If I could heal your hurting soul, I would, but all I can really do is pray for you” AND pray for you…. I will!  If you would like me to. I would be honored if you wrote me to ask me to pray for you or someone else even. I pray for those I see and yet do not know …I don’t need to know you to pray for you…God gives me the words as I go along….

I want to end this introduction to me by saying…Life is short and we all need to feel we are not alone. So just let me start by saying… that you are not and to encourage you to Press On!